Terms of Engagement: Stories of the Father and Son

Terms of Engagement: Stories of the Father and Son

Alison Larkin is delighted to publish Paul Alan Ruben’s Terms of Engagement: Stories of the Father and Son: A Short Story Collection under our new division, Larkin Books.

By Paul Alan Ruben

Coming this November, two-time Grammy Award winner Paul Alan Ruben’s debut short story collection.

Published by Larkin Books
A Division of Alison Larkin Presents

T erms of Engagement: Stories of the Father and Son explores father and son as intimate enemies. Each story is located in collision territory: a place where father and son engage the other and themselves in uncertain terms. Some stories appear through the lens of the father, some through the son, and in one instance, both.

“Literary, accessible and wholly original this collection of stories brings the often neglected subject of father-son relationships to life with depth and authenticity in Ruben’s skilled hands.”
—Alison Larkin, Publisher

“A quiet lyricism emerges from these stories and it serves to underscore their emotional impact. Ruben can touch you deeply — and he can break your heart.”
—T. C. Boyle , author of over twenty-six books of fiction, and recipient of multiple literary awards, including the PEN/Faulkner Prize for World’s End, 1988, and the PEN/Malamud Prize for the collection, T.C. Boyle Stories, 1999.

Listen to Paul Alan Ruben read his essay, Proud of Me – A Father’s Greatest Accomplishment, originally posted by The Good Men Project

For more information visit Paul Alan Ruben‘s website.

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