Mansfield Park by Jane Austen


Read by Alison Larkin
with opinions on the novel from Austen's family and friends

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Writer/comedienne Alison Larkin is back with a sparkling new recording of Mansfield Park 
Eleven-year-old Fanny Price is ‘adopted’ by wealthy relatives and leaves her life of poverty in Portsmouth for a much better life at Mansfield Park. Dependent, vulnerable and often ignored, her only true friend in her new family is her cousin Edmund. When the reckless, flirtatious Crawfords arrive at Mansfield Park, Fanny must stand up for her principles in order to protect her heart.

Mansfield Park is followed by opinions on the novel by Austen’s family and friends, never before heard on audio.

Like most writers, Jane Austen was very interested in what her family and friends thought of her books. She wrote down their opinions of Mansfield Park, recording both the bad and the good. These opinions dating from 1814 and 1815 will give solace to any writer whose work has been criticized and amuse and delight Austen fans worldwide.

“Alison Larkin’s narration will captivate listeners from the first sentence. Austen’s nineteenth-century writing style flows off Larkin’s tongue, making the dense passages easy to understand.” AudioFile Magazine

1 review for Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

  1. Amelia White

    If you’re a Jane Austen fan but have never been sure about Mansfield Park get this audiobook. The narration is nothing short of superb and the opinions at the end hilarious and fascinating. I loved thinking of Jane Austen showing the book to her family and friends and getting their reactions – read in Larkin’s voice you feel like you’re there. I highly recommend this recording – I loved every single minute of it. I love this Fanny Price -she is real and alive – not wimpy at all. Larkin is at the top of her game and this is the last Austen recording she made – it’s nothing short of wonderful.

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