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The FIRST HORROR/Science Fiction story to shake the world was written in 1818 by the Nineteen-year-old feminist who created FRANKENSTEIN….

The 200TH ANNIVERSARY AUDIO EDITION of FRANKENSTEIN, written by MARY SHELLEY and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, narrated by Clive Hayward with fascinating commentary by Alison Larkin.

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“Clive Hayward passionately narrates Mary Shelley’s timeless novel, commemorating its 200th anniversary. Listeners accompany Victor Frankenstein on his magnificent and horrific voyage around Europe and observe as he produces his terrifying yet powerful creation. Haywood artfully describes the beauties and hardships of the nineteenth century and convincingly depicts the story’s many supporting characters. His consummate portrayals are the calm and then frantic Frankenstein and the raspy voice of the Creature as he learns to talk, observe, and comment on humans. The ensuing violence sounds at once terrifying and heartbreaking. A second work, an emotive rendering of Coleridge’s RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER, clearly demonstrates the poem’s influence on Shelley. Biographical comments about Shelley round out a deeply rewarding listening experience.” –Audiofile (Read review here)

“Shelley’s classic and haunting story of our deepest desires to belong and to be loved is reanimated in this performance. Hayward’s raspy character voice for the monster perfectly embodies the creepy sensation of hearing a terrifying yet gentle creature tell his woeful tale.” –Booklist (Read review here)

“(Clive Hayward’s) treatment of the text, the distinct and clear presentation of each character and the emotional subtlety with which he allowed the most terrifying moments arrive with a slow build is masterfully done.” –I Am, Indeed (Read full review here)

This chilling tale of a gruesome monster unleashed into the world by an unthinking scientist was first conceived by nineteen-year-old Mary Shelley on a dark, rainy night on Lake Geneva. Lord Byron and Percy Shelley challenged their friends to see who could come up with the most horrifying story imaginable. Mary Shelley did, terrifying them all with her nightmare-inspired tale.

Brilliantly narrated by British actor Clive Hayward, this 200th anniversary audio edition of Frankenstein is followed by The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge which had a haunting influence on young Mary Shelley many years before the story of Frankenstein entered her dreams.

With commentary by Alison Larkin.

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  1. Mary Fischer

    What a WONDERFUL recording! Clive Hayward’s narration is nothing short of superb. After listening I bought a download for my 19 year old grandson and emailed it to him. He is a big fan of horror. He had seen the movie but had never read the book and he keeps talking about it. Highly recommended. And so easy to do! I just emailed it as a gift to him and there it was on his computer! I love this recording. And the commentary was fascinating. WONDERFUL!

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